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Integrated security solution for rail transit

The integrated security system of rail transit is composed of the integrated security management subsystem, the video monitoring subsystem, the access control subsystem, the passenger help and alarm subsystem, the perimeter alarm subsystem, and the security inspection networking subsystem. Through the linkage and integrated control of each subsystem, the integrated security management and service functions are realized.
The integrated security management subsystem is the integrated management platform of the entire integrated security system, which centrally controls and manages the video monitoring system, access control system, station passenger help and alarm subsystem, perimeter alarm system and network security inspection system, and realizes the linkage control between these systems.
Video monitoring subsystem, which realizes real-time video monitoring function for stations, depots and main train substations. The video monitoring subsystem adopts a fully digital network monitoring system, which is mainly composed of front-end network digital camera equipment, digital codec, management server, video display terminal, control keyboard, digital video storage equipment, and related application software and other auxiliary equipment
The access control subsystem realizes the automatic access management and registration functions for the station, depot and main substation equipment and management rooms, entrances and exits, ticket office and other key areas, as well as the station and main substation attendance management functions. The access control system is mainly composed of server, access control controller, front-end equipment (access control point controller, card reader, access magnet, electric control lock) and relevant software.

Passenger help and alarm subsystem. The passenger help and alarm system mainly includes the emergency alarm terminal equipment set at the station platform level, the public area of the station hall level and the ticketing room and the customer service center of the important equipment management room. Realize the video call function and alarm function between passengers and staff as well as the personnel on duty in the train control room in case of emergency
Perimeter alarm subsystem: install perimeter alarm equipment in the depot to realize intrusion detection and alarm functions. The perimeter alarm system is composed of infrared radiation intrusion detector, alarm host, depot operation terminal, signal transmission, network management and other equipment.
The security inspection networking subsystem is composed of security inspection information management system, weapons and flammable and explosive detection system, explosive detection system, biochemical detection system, radioactive article detection system, and liquid detection system.

Data sharing application fusion


Integrate traffic data such as traffic police, traffic and parking, and realize traffic big data sharing. Integrate and apply the scattered traffic data to realize the integration and sharing of traffic data within and between departments, between transportation and smart cities, and between counties and cities.

Real-time information intelligent parking


Unified integration and sharing of parking resources, providing real-time information services in multiple ways such as super C-terminal and Gaode for citizens' parking and travel. Design public transport information release to provide citizens with real-time information services in various ways such as electronic stop signs, mobile APP, etc.

Real-time support of professional team


The professional team provides operation and maintenance services such as traffic signal optimization and timing, fault inspection and maintenance for a long time, carries out road traffic congestion control for a long time, improves the driving experience of citizens, and ensures the smooth completion of various special service tasks.