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UAV detection and countermeasures solution

Based on the advanced AI technology and geographic information system, it provides customers with UAV detection and countermeasures solutions that integrate situational awareness, information presentation, decision-making assistance, command and management, and provides UAV detection, positioning, identification, defense, control and positioning of UAV pilots. The platform supports the flexible setting of early warning area and defense area, TDOA equipment networking and positioning, manual intervention and unattended one-key switching, and is applicable to low-altitude security defense scenarios.
The platform supports and is compatible with all kinds of UAV monitoring and anti-aircraft product access, including protocol analysis, navigation deception, radio spectrum, photoelectric tracking and other products. The platform can be used independently or embedded in the integrated management platform of SonoQuick anti-terrorism security.

Smart transportation solutions

Integrate traffic data of traffic police, traffic and parking temple, and buy traffic big data. Integrate and apply the scattered traffic data, and realize the integration and sharing of traffic data within and between transportation departments, transportation and smart cities, counties and cities
Realize real-time sharing of parking and bus travel information to facilitate citizens' travel. Integrate and share parking resources to provide people with real-time information services in various ways such as super C-terminal and Gaode. The public transport information release is designed to provide real-time information services in various ways such as electronic stop signs, mobile APP, etc. for public transport travel.
The professional team provides operation and maintenance services such as traffic signal optimization and timing, fault inspection and maintenance for a long time, carries out road traffic congestion control for a long time, improves the driving experience of citizens, and ensures the smooth completion of various special service tasks.
Integrate the data of "two passengers and one hazard", implement the supervision of general cargo vehicles, and serve the construction of a national comprehensive transportation hub.

Anti-terrorism prevention solutions for thermal power enterprises

Adopting advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data, and taking corresponding security technology prevention measures against key targets and key parts of security and anti-terrorism prevention; The system integrates subsystems such as intelligent monitoring, intrusion and emergency alarm, entrance and exit control, electronic patrol, security inspection, unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures, and reserves the data interface of the management platform of the superior competent department; Combined with civil air defense and physical defense, a comprehensive defense system has been formed, and functions such as system integration, command and dispatching, emergency plan, situation awareness, and risk early warning data sharing have been realized; It provides perfect, up-to-standard and advanced technical support for anti-terrorism in the industry.

Comprehensive solution for information security

Based on the standards of the Network Security Law and the Basic Requirements for Classified Protection of Network Security, the graded protection compliance service provides the graded protection compliance service in combination with the graded protection of the customer system, including grading assistance, status quo and gap assessment, security demand analysis, rectification suggestions and security measures planning, and security system construction, so as to build a comprehensive coverage, highlight the key points, and save costs for users A security system that meets the actual needs.
Security operation service, based on big data security analysis technology, realizes the security situation awareness capabilities of global collection, full-dimensional analysis, and full-time monitoring, builds a monitoring and early warning system that integrates information gathering, analysis, research and judgment, and early warning notification, accurately grasps network assets, vulnerabilities, threats, events, attacks, and risk situations, and tracks the processing results.