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Comprehensive solutions for smart campus

Campus is a synonym for youth and growth, and there will also be potential safety hazards and malignant events under impulsive circumstances, in order to ensure the healthy growth and all-round development of students. In order to fully implement the series of requirements issued by the relevant competent departments, such as the Safety Prevention Requirements for Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens, the Safety Prevention System Requirements for Ordinary Colleges and Universities, and the Anti-terrorism Prevention Requirements for School Public Security, Sonxun launched a comprehensive solution for smart campus:
The scheme integrates video monitoring, comprehensive alarm, vehicle management, personnel management, security and fire fighting linkage and other security business management into a safe campus intelligent security management system, effectively improving the comprehensive management level of campus security.

>24x7 monitoring can be prevented in advance

Multi-dimensional perception+intelligent analysis, forming a three-dimensional prevention and control system, and video structured processing, so that the security work of colleges and universities can move from post-investigation to pre-prevention.


>System linkage and rapid response

With the smart security management platform of Ping An campus as the core, integrate various technical protection subsystems, break the barriers between traditional systems, unify command, respond quickly, and start the integrated development of interconnection.


>Fast and accurate tracking and management re-upgrade

Use the visual intelligence center to drive the upgrading of campus security management, quickly identify and accurately locate people and vehicles, and achieve accurate management through intelligent businesses such as control early warning, one person (vehicle), one gear, relationship map, and track tracking.

Market application

Undertake the high-definition upgrading and transformation of the monitoring system in colleges and universities, the construction of the integrated security system, the construction of the six-in-one integrated security management platform, the construction of the hazardous chemicals warehouse, and the laboratory security management system, leading the development direction of the comprehensive security in the education industry.
It has provided security system construction and operation services for nearly 60 educational institutions in Beijing, Jiangsu, Changsha, Yueyang and other places.

Operation service

Sonxun has a strong service and maintenance team, which can guarantee the worry-free operation of equipment and systems and provide perfect digital operation services.
The company has a professional monitoring and alarm operation service center and a professional operation service team of more than 100 people, providing customers with 7 * 24 hours of guard, "online+offline" remote on-duty monitoring services; It has made important contributions to promoting the construction of security systems in banks, hospitals, communities, enterprises, schools, subways and other fields. It can save on-duty labor costs, improve management efficiency and reduce operational risks for customers; It can provide customers with comprehensive services such as bank ATM guard, bank network intrusion prevention at night, one-button emergency alarm, electrical fire monitoring and early warning (smart electricity), "gun/explosion/drama/release" dangerous pipe network warehouse watch, video intelligent storage and analysis, internal security information system operation and maintenance, subway security inspection and CCTV monitoring system operation and maintenance.

Comprehensive solutions for university laboratories

Laboratory safety management is an important part of laboratory construction and development, is a necessary condition for the successful completion of school teaching management, scientific research, experimental construction and other projects, and is an important guarantee for the personal safety of teachers and students, staff and national property from loss. To this end, Sonxun launched a comprehensive solution for university laboratories:
The scheme can realize the whole life cycle management of hazardous chemicals, intelligent identification of laboratory personnel, real-time monitoring of laboratory status, carry out laboratory safety education and inspection, comprehensively and dynamically grasp the laboratory safety situation, timely early warning and emergency disposal.

>Guarantee the safety input and management of the laboratory

Formulate the method for drawing and using the special fund for laboratory safety, and coordinate the special investment for laboratory safety. Scientific planning of the layout and distribution of various laboratories, rational allocation of laboratory resources, and overall management of security, technical protection, fire protection, etc. in the experimental area.


>Laboratory safety pre-assessment mechanism and training

Carry out laboratory safety audit, safety status assessment, guidance and improvement and other services. Set up laboratory safety engineering or management courses and incorporate them into the education and training plan; Establish a three-level safety education and training system for schools, colleges and laboratories.


>One-stop, customized overall solution

Provide an integrated solution integrating overall design, system construction, safety assessment, operation and maintenance services, equipment and instruments, peripheral equipment, and hazardous waste treatment.