Technical service

With the rapid development of security inspection equipment, operation and maintenance mode, information technology and other aspects of construction, a series of problems such as hardware failure, data loss, high load, viruses, human operation errors directly affect the normal operation of enterprise business systems. Based on its long-term operation and service experience, Sonson launched security inspection and maintenance services in 2008 to provide customers with professional system and equipment maintenance services. After more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation, this business has now formed a complete full-process management and service system. It has undertaken the maintenance of safety inspection equipment for Beijing Metro Line 1, Line 2, Line 5, Line 6, Line 7, Line 8, Line 9, Line 10, Line 13, Line 15, Yizhuang Line, Batong Line, Fangshan Line, Airport Line, Changping Line and most of the subway lines in Tianjin since 2009, and has rich experience in the maintenance of safety inspection equipment and security technical services.





Responsibilities of each department:

· Security Inspection Division:Fully lead and manage the work of the maintenance project department, coordinate and assign the work tasks of corresponding departments according to the specific division of labor, supervise and guide the work of the project department, and ensure the smooth progress of the maintenance work.


· Quality Management Department:Be responsible for tracking the implementation quality of the project, supervising and inspecting the implementation of various works, answering the complaint calls, putting forward improvement suggestions on relevant quality problems in a timely manner, and issuing a quality tracking report and a customer satisfaction survey report on a monthly basis to submit to the project leader and the company's quality responsible person.


· 24-hour customer service center:Ensure the timely handling of customer inquiries and repair requests, and participate in the specific day guarantee; Be responsible for statistics of repair and consultation calls, tracking the results, submitting them to the management team for filing and reporting to the project leader. Provide 24-hour customer consultation and repair service, confirm and record the relevant information of equipment failure with customers, timely communicate with maintenance technicians and track the handling results; Call customers regularly to investigate their satisfaction with on-site maintenance work; Answer and record user calls, reasonably answer and quickly notify the maintenance department to respond to user needs. Coordinate and supervise the service work of the maintenance department, prepare and send the equipment operation and service reports such as the Service Tracking Record Form and the Incomplete Repair Request Record Form, make statistics and analyze the service efficiency and existing problems, and put forward work improvement suggestions.


· Maintenance Project Department:Fully manage the security inspection equipment maintenance service of the designated project, be responsible for communicating relevant information with the security inspection principal of the metro operation company, coordinate the work of the security inspection equipment maintenance project department of each line according to the specific situation, and ensure the smooth progress of all work.


· Maintenance project department of security inspection equipment of each line:Specific management and implementation of security inspection equipment maintenance: coordinate the work of each group, ensure the smooth progress of various maintenance work, communicate relevant information with the security inspection principal of the metro operation company, and review the financial bills. As the management core of the management team, arrange the work of the patrol inspection and maintenance personnel and deal with various problems in the specific work; Organize internal technical training and customer training; Manage spare parts of standby machine and review maintenance documents. Personnel assignment, attendance, sorting and entering maintenance documents and expense bills, and tracking the processing process and results during personnel assignment; Answer the complaint call; Supervise the specific implementation of each work; Record the meeting within the department; Be responsible for fault handling record form, weekly and monthly report, fault statistics and analysis. Report major events to the superior immediately.



· Training group:Responsible for preparing teaching materials, formulating training plans and training maintenance technicians; Organize and implement on-site training for subway security inspectors and management personnel. Assess the trainees and evaluate the training results.



Service personal

Complete the daily maintenance, maintenance and repair of the security inspection equipment within the scope of maintenance, carefully make all records, be responsible for the practical operation training of the subway security inspection personnel, and participate in the specific day security work.


Routine maintenance plan and measures

The daily maintenance of the security inspection system is divided into weekly patrol inspection, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance and annual radioactive safety inspection according to the work content.



Emergency response plan for equipment failure and emergency


· Parallel communication

Sonxun implements a parallel communication mode, in which the project manager and the person in charge of security inspection, the maintenance team leader of each line of our company and the person in charge of security inspection of each station, the operation and maintenance personnel of our company and the security inspection operator of each station all establish a parallel communication channel, and can report and contact the corresponding personnel at the same time in case of failure to speed up the handling speed.


· Support drill

Sonxun Co., Ltd. formulates a drill plan according to the actual situation of the project and regularly carries out emergency drills. Carry out irregular emergency drill and drill, and drill all personnel involved in security every year.
According to the actual situation of the project, ensure that the Emergency Drill Plan, Drill Attendance Sheet, Drill Observer Report, Drill Evaluation Summary and other materials of each drill are complete, and take photos or videos during the process, and timely submit all materials for reference after the drill.
Archive the daily training and drilling work, assess and rectify the unqualified problems, keep the rectification records, and actively increase the relevant training and drilling work for the weak links.