• Rail transit safe protection

  • Rail transit safe inspection

Integrated security solution for rail transit

It is composed of integrated security management subsystem, video monitoring subsystem, access control subsystem, passenger assistance subsystem, perimeter alarm subsystem, security inspection networking subsystem, etc. Through the linkage and integrated control of all subsystems, integrated security management and services are realized.

  • Intelligent diagnosis storage platform

  • Video intelligent analysis equipment

  • Intelligent video control platform

Intelligent security inspection solution for rail transit

The system is composed of intelligent accurate inspection of objects, intelligent rapid inspection of people, centralized map identification system and security information management system, which mainly solves the pain points of low efficiency of security inspection equipment, poor passenger experience and lack of information management.

  • Intelligent inspection object/person system

  • Centralized map interpretation system

  • Security inspection information management system

Solution of hospital integrated intelligent security system

It is composed of intrusion alarm subsystem, intelligent monitoring subsystem, entrance and exit control subsystem, electronic patrol subsystem, intelligent security screening and epidemic prevention and control subsystem, and intelligent early warning subsystem for safe electricity use.

  • Intelligent identification of pictures of prohibited articles

  • Audio and video intelligent analysis technology

  • Integrated security management platform

  • Bank smart security

  • Bank smart power

Bank smart security solution

The scheme integrates the traditional security subsystem (such as video surveillance, intrusion and emergency alarm, access control, voice intercom, etc.), intelligent security inspection system, security daily management information system, etc., and realizes the comprehensive upgrade of bank security work through the intelligent upgrade, linkage and integrated control of each system.

  • Intelligent "security+security inspection" integrated management system

  • Bank security daily management system

  • Check-in+custody operation service



  • 可监可控 智能前端

  • 智慧用电管理平台

  • 托管运营服务

Large safety solution for urban comprehensive transportation hub

Provide urban comprehensive transport hub solutions according to the standards, ensure the passenger transport safety of the comprehensive transport hub, improve the passenger travel experience, and improve the operation guarantee capacity of the transport hub.

  • Three-dimensional protection>

  • Unified management>

  • Intelligence>

  • Counter-terrorism emergency>

  • Compliance>

Security and anti-terrorism security prevention system solutions for key industries

With the implementation of the Anti-Terrorism Law of the People's Republic of China and the release of security and anti-terrorism standards such as the Security and Anti-Terrorism Prevention Requirements for Petroleum and Petrochemical Systems (GA1551-2019), key industries and units such as health systems, transportation systems, energy systems, and cultural relics systems need to build or upgrade existing security and anti-terrorism systems to meet the security and anti-terrorism requirements.

  • Integrated security and anti-terrorism management platform for key units

  • Re-upgrade multi-terminal linkage three-dimensional protection

  • Intelligent management, intelligent command and management are upgraded again

  • University security

  • laboratory    

Comprehensive solutions for smart campus

According to the relevant standards for the construction of "safe campus" and "smart campus", build a safe campus smart security management system that integrates video monitoring, comprehensive alarm, vehicle management, personnel management, security and fire linkage and other security business management, effectively improving the comprehensive management level of campus security.

  • Full-day monitoring can be prevented in advance

  • System linkage and rapid response

  • Accurately track and upgrade management

Comprehensive solutions for university laboratories

Realize the whole life cycle management of hazardous chemicals, intelligent identification of laboratory personnel, real-time monitoring of laboratory status, and be able to carry out laboratory safety education and inspection, comprehensively and dynamically grasp the laboratory safety situation, timely early warning and emergency response.

  • Guarantee the safety input and management of the laboratory

  • Laboratory safety pre-assessment mechanism and training

  • One-stop overall solution customization


Integrated security solution and operation service provider led by intelligent technology and Internet of Things platform.

The company is the vice chairman unit of the China Security Products Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of the Beijing Security Industry Association, the "Top 100 Security Enterprises in China", the "Top 30 Security Alarm Service Enterprises in China", one of the first pilot enterprises in the national Zhongguancun National High-tech Industry Standardization Demonstration Zone, and the member unit of the National Security Alarm System Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC100) Member unit of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Public Safety Management of Explosives (SAC/TC577). The company is the supporting unit of "Beijing Security Alarm and Security Inspection Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Beijing Key Laboratory for Security Big Data Processing and Application", and the joint construction unit of "Brain and Cognitive Intelligence Beijing Laboratory". It has successively undertaken many important national and local scientific research projects entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation and other institutions.

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    Project covered city

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    National/industry/local standards

  • 10000


    The number of security and security system business items is as high as

  • 10000


    Number of devices in online operation

  • 200000


    On-line monitoring of the number of detectors

  • 43850


    Average daily service personnel of operating equipment


The company is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in security operation services in China. Relying on the three-level architecture service system and perfect service network, it provides users with 7 by 24 online services, realizing high-quality services with online platforms, offline teams, alarm response, disposal plans, time tracking, and operation assurance. At present, it has guaranteed more than 9500 bank outlets, 732 subway stations, and more than 2 billion passengers throughout the year.




国家科技部课题,在国际上首次建立了基于乘客信用体系的地铁智慧安检新模式,研制了国内首套完全自主知识产权的“智能化精准检物+智能化快速检人+信息化管理”三位一体的轨道交通智慧安检系统。 获得中国轨道交通协会2021年科学技术进步一等奖。


国家科技公关计划项目,完成离子迁移谱类检测产品大部分部件国产化,缩短我国危险品检测领域与国外先进水平间的差距,积极推动我国安防整体实力的提高,为规范国家炸药监控管理提供必要的检测手段。 获得2008年平安城市建设优秀安防产品。








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