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Good news! Hunan Shengxun made another success in the 2022 Hunan Provincial Security Administrator and Security Guard Professional Skills Competition

On August 25, the 2022 Hunan Provincial Security Administrator and Security Guard Professional Skills Competition, jointly sponsored by the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Provincial Youth League Committee, the Provincial Women's Federation, and the Provincial Security Association, concluded successfully in Zhuzhou. With the theme of "welcoming the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to safeguard security and ensure safety", the competition is the first national professional skills competition for security administrators and the first national professional skills competition to combine the two professions of security administrators and security guards after the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the national professional standards for security administrators, and also the sub-competition of the first professional skills competition in Hunan Province.
24 2022/10

The whole process of guarding the warm and heart-warming Shengxun stock -- the high-quality quality of Yueyang Shengxun patrolmen and check-in attendants

24 2022/10

"Loyal to their duties and serve the people", the high-quality service of the operation team of Shengxun Yueyang moved customers

On the evening of April 12, Zhang Jiefeng, the patrolman of Yueyang Company, found a card bag with various important certificates and bank cards when he visited Nanhu Branch of Yueyang Construction Bank. Zhang Jiefeng reported the situation to Yi Xihua, the director of the operation center, at the first time, and handed the lost property to the center after the patrol work. There was no contact number in the card bag, and the owner could not be reached through the business card and membership card in the card bag. In the early morning of April 13, the director of the center, Yi Xihua, took the card bag and inquired about several banks. Finally, he found the contact number of the owner. He contacted the owner several times, but the phone was not connected. Deng Yanli, the deputy director of the center, finally reached the owner by sending a message to the owner.
24 2022/10

The beautiful blue in the first professional skills competition for security guards in Zhuzhou -- Hunan Shengxun Security Service Co., Ltd

The first professional skills competition for security guards in Zhuzhou City was successfully concluded on May 23. The competition was organized by the Zhuzhou Public Security Bureau and the Security Association in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with practical actions and outstanding achievements, in the spirit of "promoting learning through competition" and "promoting training through competition". Zhang Xiaobing, the leader of the Internal Security Detachment of the Public Security Corps of the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the secretary-general of the Provincial Security Association, Yin Fu'an, the member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Liu Hongwei, the leader of the Public Security Management Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. This time, 11 teams from major security companies in Zhuzhou participated in the competition. As a technical defense security company, Hunan Shengxun participated in the square drill and technical defense competition at the opening ceremony. In the competition, the company won two group awards, the excellent organization award and the excellent drill award. Jin Weimin and Zhou Ming won the first and second prizes in the security technology prevention module, and Liao Minxiang won the individual contribution award.
24 2022/10

Outdoor expansion training of Guangzhou Sonxun Company

In order to improve the cohesion of the team, strengthen the communication and exchange of employees, and enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the company, Guangzhou Soundxun Company carried out an experiential outdoor expansion training on April 22 with the theme of "Soundxun Internet, Internet security, elite team, and unlimited vitality".
24 2022/10

On the list! The two projects of Sonxun won the excellent solution of "Smart City" construction of China Association for Security

Recently, the China Security Products Industry Association released the evaluation and recommendation results of excellent solutions and innovative technologies for "smart city" construction in 2022. Beijing Sonson Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sonson) "Hospital intelligent security comprehensive solution" and "intelligent agricultural livestock and poultry breeding comprehensive management - intelligent pig breeding solution" were honored on the list.
24 2022/10
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