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Solution of hospital integrated intelligent security system

The hospital is characterized by dense personnel, many buildings and large building area, large emotional fluctuation, easy to cause medical trouble, and a large variety of high-tech equipment, expensive and easy to lose, so the importance of case prevention is beyond doubt. The scientific and effective design of the security system can not only significantly improve the safety of the hospital, but also reduce the probability of safety accidents, providing a good guarantee for the life and property safety of medical staff and patients.
In order to implement the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the High-quality Development of Public Hospitals, the National Health Commission requires the construction of a "trinity" intelligent hospital information system of electronic medical records, intelligent services and intelligent management, and the improvement of the top-level design of intelligent hospital grading evaluation; According to the requirements of "security management" in the Specific Requirements for Graded Assessment of Hospital Intelligent Management, the security information is uniformly managed by the whole hospital, and can be comprehensively queried and displayed. Soundxun Co., Ltd. has launched a comprehensive intelligent security system solution for the hospital:
The system is composed of intelligent person co-inspection system, security inspection information management system, centralized map judgment system, and hospital comprehensive intelligent security management platform, including intrusion alarm subsystem, intelligent monitoring subsystem, access control subsystem, electronic patrol subsystem, intelligent security screening and epidemic prevention and control subsystem, and intelligent early warning subsystem for safe electricity use.

>Intelligent identification technology of forbidden article pictures

The database of 50 million prohibited and restricted articles can identify 20 categories of guns, bullets, explosives, controlled instruments, flammable and explosive articles, and the recognition accuracy rate is more than 95%. It realizes a new mode of intelligent map interpretation supplemented by manual map interpretation

>Audio and video intelligent analysis technology

It can realize more than 30 functions, such as searching people by image, video structure, personnel track, passenger flow density, regional intrusion, number statistics, video quality diagnosis, abnormal voice recognition, specific semantic recognition, audio and video intelligent collaborative risk warning.

>Integrated security management platform

A comprehensive security management platform is formed by integrating video monitoring system, help alarm system, security inspection system, access control system, etc. The alarm/access controller can be remotely deployed and disarmed, and its alarm can be accepted and the defense zone can be distinguished.The implementation of this plan can significantly improve the intelligent management level of hospital security, achieve joint prevention, joint control and joint treatment, and improve the overall security capacity of the hospital.

Program highlights

The hospital intelligent person co-inspection system has realized intelligent person inspection, intelligent temperature measurement, fast and intelligent picking up, alarm handling linkage and other work, creating a precedent for intelligent security inspection in the medical field.


In 2020, the first batch of security inspection projects in the medical industry were implemented, and the market share of municipal hospitals reached 50%, which promoted the security inspection legislation in the hospital industry.
Achieved the promotion and landing of nearly 50 medical institutions in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Hunan and other cities across the country.

Operation service

Sonxun has a strong service and maintenance team, which can guarantee the worry-free operation of equipment and systems and provide perfect digital operation services.
The company has a professional monitoring and alarm operation service center and a professional operation service team of more than 100 people, providing customers with 7 * 24 hours of guard, "online+offline" remote on-duty monitoring services; It has made important contributions to promoting the construction of security systems in banks, hospitals, communities, enterprises, schools, subways and other fields. It can save on-duty labor costs, improve management efficiency and reduce operational risks for customers; It can provide customers with comprehensive services such as bank ATM guard, bank network intrusion prevention at night, one-button emergency alarm, electrical fire monitoring and early warning (smart electricity), "gun/explosion/drama/release" dangerous pipe network warehouse watch, video intelligent storage and analysis, internal security information system operation and maintenance, subway security inspection and CCTV monitoring system operation and maintenance.