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Beijing Telesound Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1994 with the registered capital of 46, 50 million RMB, is a high-tech enterprise in the security and protection service field. Since 1994, our unchanged corporate concept is “Market Oriented, Technological Innovation, Credit fundamentality and Service Paramountcy”, and we try our best to build the excellent teams, offer the leading technologies, products and services in the security and protection filed, have won the certificates and praises from the clients.

We have gotten the outstanding achievements in the security and protection engineering system integration and developed the following system solutions: city image information management, remote monitoring for city dangerous fountain and important parts, subway security and protection image information management, bank ATM network operation and maintenance, bank network monitoring and alarming management, remote monitoring management for bank coffers, security and protection and information management for national important storage, cultural heritage image information management for State Administration of Cultural Heritage, remote monitoring managements for schools, substations, machine rooms oil fields, road monitoring and local office building, etc., which were widely used in the following fields: government, finance, police, army, judicature, post, traffic, hospital, school, etc. The project “Security and Protection Communication System Integration for Beijing Subway line 10” is the 2008 TOP 10 special feature engineering.

Based on the integrated R&D system in the security and protection field, we are the affiliation of post doctoral programs certificated by work personnel matters and supporting institution for Beijing Digital Security and Protection Center, and have undertaken more than 19 important scientific research subjects for national ministries and commissions and local governments, including the national 863 Science Plan of China-Imlpementing Scheme, the 10th National Five-Year key technolog

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