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Bank security system solution

With the deepening of the reform of the financial system, the internal and external environment faced by banks is also undergoing profound changes. It is particularly important to build a more scientific and complete bank security system, which can escort the reform, development and safe operation of banks. In order to effectively strengthen the standardization and standardization of banking system security, the national competent department has issued corresponding requirements, such as: GA 38 Bank Security Requirements, GB/T 16676 Bank Security Alarm Monitoring Network System Technical Requirements and other national standards. At the same time, with the continuous development of Internet of Things, 5G, big data, information and other technologies, banks have the need to build a digital and intelligent integrated security system. To this end, we have launched a bank smart security solution,
This scheme integrates the traditional security subsystem (such as video surveillance, intrusion and emergency alarm, access control, voice intercom, etc.), intelligent security inspection system, security daily management information system, etc., and realizes the comprehensive upgrade of the bank's security work through the intelligent upgrade, linkage and integrated control of each system.

>Intelligent "security+security inspection" integrated management system

Realize the intelligent upgrading of traditional security, and provide intelligent security inspection system for key places and locations such as bank office buildings and data centers, and build a three-dimensional security prevention and control system.

>Bank security daily management system

Realize efficient information management of security, carry out online assessment of compliance with the three prevention standards, and use information means to promote the leapfrog development of bank security work.

>Check-in+custody operation service

It can provide professional check-in service personnel to enter the bank monitoring center, output professional operation service system, and comprehensively improve check-in efficiency. At the same time, the system hosting service can be customized, and the company will build a professional operation service platform, provide 7 * 24 hours of alarm reception and handling service, and implement full life cycle management for equipment, platform, and network operation.

Program highlights

Through the research and development of the subway video image quality diagnosis and video integrity detection system, the video monitoring faults, as well as the image quality problems and losses caused by video acquisition equipment, video transmission, video storage and other links, can be found in a timely manner, so as to speed up the event response speed, real-time visualization, real-time interaction, and quickly handle the problems after they occur, so as to realize the integrated and active management of the subway station video and storage system, The information is automatically summarized to ensure long-term operation, greatly improve subway operation efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for intelligent application and efficient and active operation and maintenance of subway.


Since 2008, it has been committed to the construction of subway security projects nationwide, constantly innovating the cutting-edge technology of intelligent audio, video and alarm, and taking the lead in promoting intelligent security to the national subway in the industry.
The company's "key technology and application of real-time behavior analysis for video surveillance" won the third prize of the China Electronics Society's Electronic Information Science and Technology Award, and it is the first time in China to promote intelligent analysis application to the field of rail transit.
It provides security equipment and operation services for nearly 20 lines in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Changsha, Ningbo, Nanchang, Fuzhou and other cities.

Operation service

Sonxun has a strong service and maintenance team, which can guarantee the worry-free operation of equipment and systems and provide perfect digital operation services.
The company has a professional monitoring and alarm operation service center and a professional operation service team of more than 100 people, providing customers with 7 * 24 hours of guard, "online+offline" remote on-duty monitoring services; It has made important contributions to promoting the construction of security systems in banks, hospitals, communities, enterprises, schools, subways and other fields. It can save on-duty labor costs, improve management efficiency and reduce operational risks for customers; It can provide customers with comprehensive services such as bank ATM guard, bank network intrusion prevention at night, one-button emergency alarm, electrical fire monitoring and early warning (smart electricity), "gun/explosion/drama/release" dangerous pipe network warehouse watch, video intelligent storage and analysis, internal security information system operation and maintenance, subway security inspection and CCTV monitoring system operation and maintenance.

Bank smart power solution

Banks are an important part of the national economic construction and a key unit of safe production. At present, there are problems such as inadequate coverage of traditional fire monitoring facilities, lack of intelligent analysis and operation mechanism, and lack of network management and data analysis means. Among them, electrical fire is an important factor causing fire. Due to the lack of effective technical support, it can not be found, eliminated, rectified in time To deal with the hidden danger of production safety, once a fire occurs, it will cause losses to the bank's personnel and property, and also bring negative social image.
The smart electricity safety solution is to use the technical idea of the Internet of Things application to build the bank's multi-scenario Internet of Things electricity monitoring system, to help the bank find, eliminate, rectify and deal with hidden dangers in safe production in time, to play the role of early detection, early warning and early dispersion in the early stage of disasters, and effectively play the role of comprehensive prevention and control of safe production.

>Monitorable and controllable intelligent front-end

One intelligent circuit breaker integrates several power consumption detection modules, reducing complexity to simplicity, achieving high integration of full power data and accurate prevention and control; The equipment can be monitored and controlled, and configured as required. Through strict authorization, rapid disposal can be realized to avoid the expansion of disasters.

>Smart power management platform

The platform uses a variety of networking methods such as private network, broadband network, mobile network (4G/5G), LORA, NB-iot, etc. to perfectly integrate the front-end sensing equipment, security alarm controller, and video monitoring system inside the bank's buildings at all levels. The platform can achieve the functions of overall situation presentation, GIS map display, real-time collection of power circuit data, power consumption scenario mode combination, data report statistics, hidden danger big data analysis, etc, To comprehensively improve the power safety of banks and avoid fire accidents.

>Managed Operations Services
The company can customize and provide smart power system hosting services. The company will build a professional operation service platform to provide 7 * 24 hours of alarm reception and handling, power index analysis, power hidden trouble troubleshooting and other services, and implement full life cycle management for equipment, platform, and network operation.

Program highlights

1. In the traditional mode of electrical fire detection and alarm for the main incoming line, the intelligent circuit breaker is introduced to extend the detection antenna to each circuit of each network point, so as to truly achieve end monitoring and ensure that there is no dead angle in the power monitoring. Effectively prevent the risk loophole of "no water in the big river, no water in the small river", and realize the precise prevention and control of hidden dangers.
2. Through the construction of the system, the potential safety hazards have been comprehensively investigated, and the use and consumption of electric energy has been shown to the management and decision-making level, so as to find out the high energy consumption points and effectively save electric energy.
3. The system can access the existing fire control host according to the customer's needs to realize the third-party remote monitoring. At the same time, the system can be upgraded to the intelligent fire control system. Through the Internet of Things technology, it can realize the interconnection and intercommunication management of fire water, electricity, smoke, video, radio frequency, power supply, fire hydrant, personnel, etc., and link all people, things, and things to a command fire control command platform.
4. Purchase electricity safety insurance for customers, compensate for accidents such as personal injury and death, network property loss, and fully protect customers' interests.


The company serves many domestic banking customers, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Bank of Hangzhou, Everbright Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Guangdong Rural Commercial Bank, and has access to nearly 10000 power circuits, involving multiple scenarios such as bank office buildings, data centers, business outlets, and self-service banking, to protect the bank's power safety.
The company provides bank power security alarm operation services, and sets up operation service centers in dozens of provinces and cities across the country, such as Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Yueyang, Zhuzhou, to safeguard the financial security of the capital and many cities.

Operation service

Sonxun has a strong operation service team, which can guarantee the worry-free operation of equipment and systems and provide complete digital full-process services. Sonxun has built professional monitoring and alarm operation service centers in more than ten cities across the country, built a professional operation service team with more than 100 people, and provided comprehensive services for banks such as intelligent power reception and handling, power consumption index analysis, power consumption hidden trouble troubleshooting and maintenance. The company's operation service center is under 7 * 24 hours' guard to create the "online+offline" remote on-duty operation service mode, which can save the on-duty labor cost for customers, improve management efficiency, reduce operational risk, and make an important contribution to promoting the bank's electricity safety.