Technical service

Based on cloud computing, AIoT, Internet of Things technology, combined with intelligent video analysis, intelligent voice analysis, image analysis, face recognition, image quality intelligent diagnosis and intelligent nuclear police technology, provide customers with 7 * 24 hours of work, "online+offline" remote on-duty monitoring services; It has made important contributions to promoting the construction of security system in urban security/fire safety/rail transit and other fields. It can save on-duty labor costs, improve management efficiency and reduce operational risks for customers. Provide integrated remote on-duty overall solution characterized by system integration, command and dispatching, emergency plan, situation awareness, hazard alarm, maintenance service, etc.

The operation service of Sonson Electronics adopts a three-level service network architecture:

--Headquarters management center focusing on centralized event storage and quality supervision
--City-level monitoring and alarm operation service center focusing on daily operation management
--Response processing workstation serving the designated area


It provides diversified and customized safety services for customers in key parts, industries and units of the city. At present, its services include:

Bank ATM guard
One-button emergency alarm
"Gun/explosion/explosion/explosion/release" dangerous pipe network reservoir area on duty
Operation and maintenance of internal security information system

Anti-invasion of bank outlets at night
Electrical fire monitoring and warning (smart power)
Intelligent video storage and analysis
Operation and maintenance of subway security inspection and CCTV monitoring system